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Gimme Shelter
Paul Field - Fri 18 Aug 2017

Echo Publishing and Paperchain Bookstore invite you to hear Paul Field, author of Gimme Shelter, in conversation with David Savage and Don Barnby.

Friday August 18
5.45 for 6.00pm

Telephone 6295 6723 or

For many returned service men and women, coming home is when the battle really begins.
Read the deeply personal and often hidden stories of 16 special men and women, including Vietnam veterans, peacekeepers, first responders and relatives, whose greatest struggle has been the return to everyday life after service or dealing with the loss of loved ones who lost that battle.
Among them is Paul Stewart, whose brother was one of five journalists killed in Balibo while covering the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, Black Hawk helicopter crash survivor Gary Wilson, and Janny and Hugh Poate, whose son was killed by one of the Afghanistan troops he was mentoring. For John Bale, a retired army captain who served in Afghanistan where his friend Lieutenant Michael Fussell was killed in an explosion, the aftermath of war service led to him co-founding Soldier On, an organisation that supports those who have served to assist with their physical and mental health.
These are the stories of those who’ve seen it all, and fought to find a way to live with the aftermath of their experiences.
Royalties earned from the sale of Gimme Shelter are being shared with Soldier On.

Paul Field is a singer, producer, director and managing director of The Wiggles. In a previous life Paul worked for the Supreme Court and was then part of the investigations team at the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption in NSW. He wrote a book on the subject, Confessions of a Crooked Cop, under the pseudonym Sean Padraic. Paul is a passionate supporter of the work of Soldier On.

David Savage. A former AFP agent and Peacekeeper in East Timor, he had worked in Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Mozambique, Cambodia, Burma, East Timor and finally with AUS AID at the age of 48 in 2011 in Afghanistan. He survived a suicide bomb attack by a 12 year old child sent by the Taliban. He is currently in a wheelchair battling with the many after effects of the attack.

Don Barnby. Don celebrated his 21st birthday in the jungles of Vietnam in 1971. He was an A member of the elite SAS Regiment based in Nui Dat, Phuoc Toy Province during the Vietnam war. 2nd Squadron's tour was the last SAS involvement in Vietnam. They had the highest kill ratio of Viet Cong, of any Australian Unit in Vietnam. He felt the most alive while in Vietnam and sought that adrenaline rush for the decades that followed, From the AFP Special Operations Team, to International service in Cyprus, Bougainville, being taken captive in Beirut to the tumult and violence of the East Timor elections, which finally saw his resilience crack. As a young man in Vietnam, he simply kept going, "I was young and full of bullshit. You're ten feet tall and bulletproof". If anyone had the skills to deal with almost anything, it was Don, but like many who have served, the toughest battle begun once the action stopped.”

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