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'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
Illustrated throughout 32

Praise for The Very Hungover Caterpillar 'Hilarious and painfully accurate, The Very Hungover Caterpillar is liable to be one of those parodies that becomes more famous

Lloyd, Josie, Rees, Emlyn $25.00


Adolf Hitler spent 1924 away from society and surrounded by co-conspirators of the failed Beer Hall Putsch. Behind bars in a prison near Munich, Hitler passed the year with deep reading and i

Range, Peter Ross $35.00

Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This book is a visual chronicle of the Lucasfilm art department s creation of new worlds, unforgettable characters, and newly imagined droids, vehicles, and weapons for the first movie in the

Lucasfilm Ltd $55.00

Bookmark with Elastic Band


Captain James Cook
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 448

A biography that puts you on the quarterdeck with history's greatest sailor Captain James Cook is one of the greatest maritime explorers in world history. Over three r

Mundle, Rob $25.00

Change How You Think and be Happier Now

No Marketing Blurb Authors Bio, not available

James, Kate $20.00

Charley Harper Cb152
illustrations 48

Inside are twenty-two pages of Charley Harpers playful animals, with his full-color illustrations featured on the inside of the front and back covers. Dont forget about the blank


Clementines Bath

Clementine runs away to escape a bath. "NOT A BATH!" thinks Clementine. She hides under the bed, behind the curtains and even in Babys toybox. Can her family find her in time to give her a bath?

White,Annie $15.00

Come home you little bastards
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm)

Born in inner-Sydney to an alcoholic mother and an absent father, Carl Beauchamp and his brother Neville ran wild until the

Beauchamp, Carl $24.95

Dangers of Truffle Hunting
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 352

True desires will be unearthed ...For readers of Zoe Foster-Blake, Candace Bushnell and Gourmet Traveller, a delightful sexy story that spans the Australian wine countr

Overend, Sunni $30.00

Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things is the international bestseller by Michael Faudet. A finalist in the 2015 Goodreads Readers Choice Awards, his whimsical and often erotic writing has already captured the

Faudet, Michael $28.00


When she arrives at the famed Barbizon Hotel in 1952, Darby McLaughlin is everything her hall mates aren't: plain, self-conscious, homesick and convinced she doesn't belong. Yet when she befr

Davis, Fiona $30.00

Due Preparations for the Plague

Lowell tries not to think about the past, about the hijacking that killed his mother. Samantha, on the other hand, cannot let go. As a child she survived the hijacking of Air France 64, and as a

Hospital, Janette Turner $5.00

Final Trials of Alan Mewling
black & white illustrations

Alan Mewling has plans for a brief retirement and then - when the Department of Various Affairs has succumbed to chaos without him - for a triumphant and lucrative re

Bland, A C $35.00

Geek Girl Special (2) - Sunny Side Up
197(Ht mm) 130(Wdt mm) 224

"My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a geek." A brand new summer story from the no. 1 bestselling and award-winning GEEK GIRL series! Harriet Manners knows many facts.

Smale, Holly $10.00

Ghost Wave
2x8pp 4x4c 320

'A remarkable story that will appeal to those who ride a board and those who have never set foot in the water alike.' NEWCASTLE HERALD In GHOST WAVE, Chris Dixon dives deep into t

Dixon, Chris $23.00

Gift Card $2.95


Glass Universe
221(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm)

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dava Sobel returns with a captivating, little-known true story of women in science In the mid-nineteenth century, the Harvard Colleg

Sobel, Dava $33.00

Go Figure
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 256

Want to know how a tattoo affects your job prospects, which James Bond drinks the most martinis, or how to make an invisibility cloak? We have the answers. The news cyc

Standage, Tom $23.00

House that Flew Away

Getting home after a long day's work to find your house flying off - now there's an upsetting situation. What can you do? Who should you ask for help? As we all know, buildings don't come with

Cali, Davide, Sobral, Catarin... $22.00

How to be Cool
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 356

Cool can't be taught. Or can it? That's the received wisdom, yet the idea behind this sleek, entertaining compendium by Thomas W. Hodgkinson (author of How to Sound Cul

Hodgkinson, Thomas $28.00

How to Travel Without Seeing

A dizzying, fast-paced tour of Latin America provides one of the Spanish-speaking world's most outstanding writers with the occasion for an experimental travelogue somewhere between personal

Neuman, Andres, Lawrence, Jef... $25.00

I Remember You

This horrifying thriller, partly based on a true story, is the scariest novel yet from an international bestseller. Don't go. Don't go yet. I'm not finished. In an isolated village in the Ice

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa $20.00

Jasper Jones Film Tie In
198(Ht mm) 128(Wdt mm) 408

Full of unforgettable characters, a page-turning pace and outrageously good dialogue, this is a glorious novel - thoughtful, funny, heartbreaking and wise - about outsi

Silvey, Craig $24.00

15 black and white graphs and charts 146

In "Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World, " Martin Adams takes on the conventional view that treats land ownership as a basis for wealth production.

Adams, Martin $20.00

Live by Night Film Tie In

Joe Coughlin is nineteen when he meets Emma Gould. A small-time thief in 1920s Boston, he is told to cuff her while his accomplices raid the casino she works for. But Joe falls in love with

Lehane, Dennis $20.00

Lost Landscape
234(Ht mm) 153(Wdt mm) 352

A momentous memoir of childhood and adolescence from one of our finest and most beloved writers, as we've never seen her before. In The Lost Landscape, Joyce Carol Oate

Oates, Joyce Carol $33.00

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

Thor's hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon - the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn't just lost, it has fall

Riordan, Rick $23.00

Mercy aka Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst Film Tie In

Now a major motion picture starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz, directed by James Marsh (The Theory of Everything). In 1968, Donald Crowhurst was trying to market a nautical navigation dev

Tomalin, Nicholas, Hall, Ron $20.00

New Mrs Clifton

As the Second World War draws to a close, Intelligence Officer Gus Clifton surprises his sisters at their London home. But an even greater shock is the woman he brings with him, Krista - the

Buchan, Elizabeth $33.00

New York Times Book Of The Dead
150 black and white photographs 656

The obituary page is the section many readers first turn to not only see who died, but to read some of the most inspiring, insightful, often funny, and elegant

McDonald, William $60.00

Once Upon a Time I Wanted to be... : An Inspirational Notebook to Help You Find Your Passion and Talent

From the makers of Once upon a time I was..., the guided notebook to create your own autobiography (now in its third printing), we present this new notebook, which helps you to find your tale

Bakker, Lavinia $22.00


Bennett's debut is a slim volume that eschews traditional narrative conventions. It may be read as 20 mostly interlinked stories or as a novella fractured into twenty parts. It is narrated by

Bennett, Claire-Louise $25.00

Release Your Inner Roman by Marcus Sidonius Falx
216(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 224

At last the Roman self-help book the world has been waiting for. Marcus Sidonius Falx sets out the characteristics that have made the Romans the most successful people

Toner, Jerry $30.00

Seriously Wicked
208(Ht mm) 135(Wdt mm) 224

The hilarious new YA from acclaimed author Tina Connolly.Camellia's adopted mother wants Cam to grow up to be just like her. Problem is, Mom's a seriously wicked witch.

Connolly, Tina $17.00

Shelter in Place

Joe March has just graduated and is on top of the world, but his life implodes when he starts to suffer the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Soon after, his mother kills a man she's never met. S

Maksik, Alexander $30.00

Silence Film Tie In
198(Ht mm) 129(Wdt mm) 304

With an introduction by Martin Scorsese 'One of the finest historical novels written by anyone, anywhere ...Flawless' - David Mitchell Father Rodrigues is an idealistic

Endo, Shusaku, Scorsese, Mart... $20.00

Species Roses

Cox, Peter $29.95

Switch off

A modern-day guide to slowing down in a fast paced world. Switch Off shows you how to take that sorely-needed time-out. We all know about the benefits of slowing down and disconnecting: reduc

Lockwood, Angela $27.95

The 12th Dog

In the summer holidays, a game of backyard cricket brings the whole neighbourhood together, and no one loves the game more than Arlo the dog. He's the fastest fielder there is, but there's a b

Calder, Charlotte, Jellett, T... $15.00

Today I Am...

Discover your true nature and explore you inner world with these inspirational pieces. From the author of popular affirmations handbook TODAY I WILL... comes this book of inspiration to use i

Warrington, Carmen $17.00

Tomb of the Khan (Last Descendants: An Assassin's Creed Novel Series #2)

In "Last Descendants," Owen and a group of other teens located the first piece of an ancient and powerful relic long considered a legend-the Trident of Eden. This piece was sought by the Brother

Kirby, Matthew J $20.00

Truly Madly Guilty

IF ONLY THEY'D SAID NO...Clementine is haunted by regret. It was just a barbeque. They didn't even know their hosts that well, they were friends of friends. They could so easily have said no.

Moriarty, Liane $17.00

Walking Wounded

Brian Freeman, former special forces soldier, Kokoda Track record-breaker and discoverer of the lost battlefield of Kokoda, had a belief that walking the track could have a special benefit for w

Freeman, Brian $33.00

Wild Colonial Boys

Granville Allen Mawer $17.50

Wild Gestures
130(Ht mm) 198(Wdt mm)

A daughter flies into a painting to escape her overprotective mother. An exchange student sees green lights in the sky above South Am

Durneen, Lucy $25.00

Worst Breakfast
1 32

A gorgeous and hilarious picture book about the most unusual breakfast two sisters ever ate. Two sisters sit down for breakfast, and one remembers a really gross breakfast they once had, and

Mieville, China, Smith, Zak $25.00

Wrong Train

Imagine you have just managed to catch your train and you realise it is the wrong one; you would be annoyed of course, but not scared... yet. Imagine you get off the wrong train at the next stat

deQuidt,Jeremy $23.00

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