150 Favorite Crochet Motifs  from Tokyo’s Kazekobo Studio

150 Favorite Crochet Motifs from Tokyo’s Kazekobo Studio


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In 150 Favorite Crochet Motifs from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio, Japanese knitwear designer Yoko Hatta shows you creative ways to use leftover yarn and your own sense of design to make hundreds of exciting crochet patterns. You'll find a range of motifs in this book - from elegantly simple to deliciously intricate - all waiting to be incorporated into your next needlework project. Make scarves and blankets using the all-time favourite granny squares, or shawls made from polygons Join circles to make fun wall hangings, room dividers and more Use elegant Irish crochet motifs to form the outside of a bag, or make into a brooch Find new colour inspirations from offbeat duo-chromatic arrangements to splashy, multicoloured pieces All the Japanese crochet symbols are explained clearly and the author shows you how to assemble the arrangements. Published in the same format as other bestselling Tuttle knitting dictionaries (Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, 250 Japanese Knitting Stitches, Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio), this book brings a knowledge of intricate Japanese techniques to crocheters in the West. 'The 20-plus patterns showcased here - usually for conceptual, rather than functional, uses - are bound to get needle crafters thinking about hundreds of other possibilities. Instructions for each are delivered by crochet symbols, while occasional footnotes occur with more complicated patterns...Needle workers may be intrigued by the compendium of Irish crochet motifs included, from simple leaves to grape clusters culminating in a breathtaking shawl.' - Booklist 'This slim but intense guide from Hatta (Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio) provides 150 designs for crocheters to tackle. Experienced crocheters should find Hatta's guide a delight.' - Publishers Weekly