Antifragile: How to Live in a World We Don't Understand

Antifragile: How to Live in a World We Don't Understand


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In The Black Swan Taleb outlined a problem, and his revelatory new book Antifragile offers a definitive solution: how to live in a world that is unpredicatable, chaotic, and full of shocks, and how to thrive during periods of disaster. Taleb stands uncertainty on its head, making it desirable, even necessary, and proposes that things be built in an antifragile manner. For what Taleb calls the 'antifragile' is beyond the merely robust; it benefits from shocks, uncertainty and stressors.

The most successful of us, the most daring and creative will take advantage of disorder and invent new, more powerful opportunities and advantages beyond our expectations.

'Antifragility is the secret to success in a world full of uncertainty, a system for turning random mutations to lasting advantage . . . highly entertaining . . . . whether you find Mr Taleb amusing or irritating, you want to read on.' Economist

'Taleb is a very funny writer with a finely tuned BS detector . . . Antifragility isn't just sound economic and political doctrine. It's also the key to a good life.' Fortune

'This is a bold, entertaining, clever book, richly crammed with insights, stories, fine phrases and intriguing asides . . . I will have to read it again. And again.' Matt Ridley, Wall Street Journal

'A new kind of strength . . . not invincible but better able to handle life's inevitable surprises . . . such a combination leaves open the possibility of big rewards while minimizing exposure to risk.' Los Angeles Times

'Taleb is an outsider in a business of outsiders, and if he is lobbing grenades at the power in the centre - well, that's the point.' Daily Telegraph