Darkskull Hall

Darkskull Hall


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black & white illustrations

Book 1 of The Mage Chronicles

The world is full of evil. Some will not accept it. Some will fight back.

The adventure begins here...

Alyx Egalion's future is already planned out. The only daughter of one of Rionn's most powerful Lords, she will marry her best friend, Prince Cayr, and become wife to the future King of Rionn. Wealthy and popular, Alyx rules the young social scene of Rionn.

Yet Alyx's entire world is turned upside down when her father tells her he is sending her away to DarkSkull Hall to train to be a mage. She is horrified to learn that her mother, who died when Alyx was a small girl, was a mage, and that Alyx may have inherited her magic. Despite her desperate protests, Alyx's father is resolute - it is the King's command that she travel to DarkSkull Hall, and Alyx has no choice.

After a long and harrowing journey, Alyx arrives at DarkSkull Hall to find it a dark, cold place, where only mage power and lineage matter. Here, she is a nobody, surrounded by strangers she cannot trust. She soon learns that training at DarkSkull Hall is harsh and unforgiving, and that students do not always survive their training. She has nothing but her own wits and courage to help her.

Despite her loneliness, Alyx finds help from an unexpected quarter - the mysterious Ladan Mirren, Lord of Widow Falls. She also finds unlikely friends among the other outcasts at DarkSkull, and together they must navigate the perils of life at DarkSkull, particularly the powerful student Galien, whose burning hatred of Alyx places her life in constant danger.

Alyx's magic is slow to appear, causing her to question whether she even possesses mage power, and she clings to a single hope - the promise of her father that she must only endure a single year at DarkSkull Hall before returning home to Cayr and the life she always wanted.

Yet, across the world, mages are disappearing without a trace and nobody has been able to learn what happened to them. The Taliath, once the guardians of the mage order, have vanished. And along the border of Rionn, an age old conflict with neighbour Shivasa is coming to life again...

Even if Alyx does make it through her year at DarkSkull Hall, will she be the same, or forever changed by her experiences?