Book Launch Event - A High Country Romance, by Margot LaFontaine

Thursday 26 May, 5pm

Book Launch Event - A High Country Romance, by Margot LaFontaine

Join us at Paperchain for the Canberra launch of A High Country Romance, by Margot LaFontaine.

Joining Margot in conversation, will be Robyn Baker


Refreshments will be provided.

This is a free event but please arrive early if you would like to sit during the event as we have limited seating.


or phone 6295 6723


A High Country Romance tells the story of Alice, a young blind woman from Melbourne whose tragic past and deep depression threaten to engulf her... Until she meets Geoff, a shy gentleman from the Victorian High Country. Immediately, Alice is drawn to Geoff’s, warmth, kindness, his lack of ‘baggage’, and his love of the bush. Can Alice finally let go of her past and find happiness and her faith again?

This quirky and at times funny novel is flavoured with great characters and tidbits of the ridiculous to give you a giggle or a squirm. Exploring suffering and loss, self loathing, forgiveness, and learning to love again, the story promises a ‘feel good buzz,’ as well as a getaway to the beautiful Australian bush.

Margot LaFontaine is a local writer whose roots are at the foot of the Victorian High Country. ‘I love the bush and enjoyed rounding up cattle on my grandfather's farm. While riding with a local boy we once chased an emu. I rode a black thoroughbred stallion, which  I found very exciting and fast, but the emu outpaced us easily. I cartoon extensively, finding emotion to be my primary stimulus. Painting is also a great passion and it has given me great joy to portray my friends’ deceased, much-loved pets.’

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