Book Launch - Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain, by Kieran Donaghue

Wednesday 5 June, 5pm

Book Launch - Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain, by Kieran Donaghue

Join us at Paperchain for the launch of
Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain by
Kieran Donaghue.


Refreshments will be provided. 

This is a free event but please arrive early if you would like to sit during the event as we have limited seating.


or phone 6295 6723


Ellen Starck shares the prejudices of her society about native peoples. Her initial experience of the newly ‘discovered’ New Guinea highlands, in which she arrives in 1937 as the young wife of a Lutheran missionary, does little to change her mind. After initially marking time she gradually ventures beyond the meagre European society around her into the highland world, but then personal tragedy strikes, testing her to her limits. Eventually the prospect of a new life in America presents itself, but the Pacific War intervenes, bringing further isolation and loss. Her response is a decision to return home, but not to the home she originally left.


Kieran Donaghue studied philosophy in Australia, the United States and Germany in the 1970s and 1980s. He taught for a short period at the Australian National University, then spent nearly twenty years working for the Australian Government’s overseas aid program. During this time he made numerous visits to countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, learning much from local people and from many fine aid workers dedicated to improving the lives of others. Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain has its genesis in the visits Kieran made as an aid official to the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain is Kieran’s second novel. His first novel, German Lessons, follows the fortunes of a young Australian thrust into the turmoil of Germany in the early 1930s as Hitler comes to power and the Catholic Church falls into line behind the Nazis. Kieran also contributed a short piece to an anthology on the 2019-20 Australian bushfires titled Continent Aflame: Responses to an Australian Catastrophe.

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