Beneath the Darkness by Harley Jane Rose

Sunday July 22nd, 6pm

Beneath the Darkness by Harley Jane Rose

 Book Launch

 Beneath the Darkness by Harley Jane Rose


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Every supernatural race is at war. Enemies rarely see eye to eye, and yet a human and a banshee find themselves working on the same side as an unexpected war rages around them. Bianca is a newly appointed hunter with a lack of training who must learn to perform patrols, bear the weight of leadership, and navigate the shadow world alone. Morana is a tortured member of a scarce race who hears death's call for every soul consumed by war, an unwanted distraction as she deals with her own broken heart. Together the girls strive to prevent further bloodshed as a new enemy approaches from the horizon, more chaotic and terrifying than anything the races have experienced before. 

Harley Jane Rose is a quirky individual from the capital of Australia inspired by everything old. In her spare time she reads old folk and fairy tales, tries her hand at archery, colouring in, typing full manuscript drafts on an old typewriter, and binge-watching too many Netflix shows. Fascinated by the many different ancient cultures from around the world, she seeks out the myths and lore of old to interrogate what drives humans in their ways. 

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