The Ruby Red Slippers by Tianqing Fan

Saturday November 24th, 1.30pm

The Ruby Red Slippers by Tianqing Fan

Book Launch

Join us for the launch of The Ruby Red Slippers by Tianqing Fan

This book was awarded first place in the Year 3-4 Picture Book Award of the 'Make Your Own Book' competition organised by the Children's Book Council of Australia (ACT Branch). 

Paper and pencils will be provided so that you too can make your own book. 


or phone 6295 6723

This is the story of a girl named Edith Skipper.

One day, when her grandmother came to visit her she gave Edith a gift. The gift was a pair of red slippers. Edith didn't like them, and when her grandmother was gone she put them away.

After Edith was walking down a mountain and she tripped. Her ankle was swollen so her feet wouldn't fit in shoes. She had to wear slippers. Edith wore the slippers given by her grandmother for a few months before her ankle healed and Edith's slippers were put away. Over the days wearing them, Edith had grown to like the slippers. When the slippers were taken away she was a little sad. Some days after Edith's parents found the slippers again, and gave them back to Edith.

Tianqing Fan is 10 years old. She wrote this book when she was 9. She loves writing and reading.

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