Hiding to Nothing by Andy Muir

Thursday April 4th, 6pm

Hiding to Nothing by Andy Muir

In Conversation

Andy Muir, author of Hiding to Nothing, talking about writing for TV vs books and everything in between with award winning screenwriter Felicity Packard 



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Lay low, stay out of trouble and don't get pulled over. It was probably the best advice I'd ever had.
How long until I ignored it?

All Lachie Munro wants is a quiet life in sunny Newcastle. But Lachie and quiet don't seem to get along.
When Lachie's estranged dad, Terry, turns up fresh out of prison, he's packing more than the usual family baggage. Suddenly there are two murderous goons on Lachie's doorstep and the police are paying him special attention. But Terry's on the hunt for a long-lost fortune, and he won't be leaving Newcastle - or Lachie - without it.

Hiding to Nothing is the next caper, following Something for Nothing, from the master of beachside noir, Andy Muir, a wild ride driven by brilliant characters and fast-paced dialogue.

The underworld has never been so much fun.


Andy Muir is a television screenwriter with credits ranging from Neighbours and Home and Away to comedy series Thank God You're Here. As a member of the writing team for the hit franchise Underbelly, crime stole his heart. Nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award for Underbelly Squizzy, he also adapted that TV series for the novelisation Underbelly Squizzy: The Story of Australia's First Celebrity Gangster.

Felicity Packard has established herself as one of Australia's most influential screenwriter/producers with a career spanning twenty years. Felicity's extensive credits boast some of the most well-known programs in Australian television, including Wolf Creek (2016), Janet King (2016), Underbelly (2008-2013) and Home and Away (2000-2007).




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